TB resources for diapers, clothing, and more!

If you have a credit card, or are allowed to buy stuff online, these places are all good.


They have great cloth diapers, plastic pants, pacis, hypnosis tapes, and clothes for relatively cheap prices. (And they’re cute!)


Mostly diapers and diaper covers. Again, these are pretty cheap and cute.


Clothes and training pants. (If you’re a toddler)

If you’re one of those super lucky babies whose parents baby them,  show them these resources for your nursery!


These ones aren’t actually for bigger babies, but you can use the nurseries as inspiration.

http://projectnursery.com/category/pn/by-space/nurseries/ http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=166885011


Toys toys toys! So fun!


Bottles and pacifiers



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